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Congratulations on Your New Book Mr. Flees!

Congratulations to Dwayne L. Flees for becoming a published author through RevPublishing!

In his new book, “Life Stinks When Your Kid’s a Jerk”, Flees addresses the challenges parents face in raising children and shaping their behavior.  The book emphasizes the importance of guiding children toward positive behaviors and instilling discipline.  It highlights the need for parents to be proactive in shaping their children’s behavior, as external influences can negatively impact their development.

The book also discusses the positive environment provided by activities like karate, which teaches discipline, self-defense, and self-confidence.  “Life Stinks When Your Kid’s a Jerk” emphasizes the significance of reinforcing good behavior through rewards and privileges rather than solely focusing on disciplining bad behavior.

Offering guidance and strategies for parents to shape their children’s behavior positively, this book will help parents maintain a positive environment, set clear expectations, reinforce good behavior, and help you celebrate the successes and growth of your children.

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