Do We Close For Weather?

  If you do not feel safe to drive in for class just check you email for the Virtual Link to join us online!  If you can not find the email then text the academy and we will attempt to get you the link as soon as we are able!

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Mr. and Mrs. Flees

How Martial Arts Helps Create Leaders

By KarateBuilt Grand Rapids   We all know that the next generation is our future. The young kids will be the future and they’ll be responsible for the creation of a balanced or not-so-balanced society. In other words, the same kids who go to school every day will become the leaders of the future. It […]

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Black Belts

Learning Self Confidence Through Martial Arts

By KarateBuilt Grand Rapids A lot of Martial Arts training involves training you to become physically strong but it also trains you to become mentally strong too! In addition to those self-defense skills that come with Martial Arts training, you are going to improve your self-confidence as well. Hence, physical and mental health, it’s all […]

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Family Training

Family Fitness and Martial Arts at KarateBuilt Grand Rapids

By KarateBuilt Grand Rapids in Grand Rapids, MI It’s NO SECRET that most American families are lacking the proper amount of physical activity. According to the latest figures from the National Center for Health Statistics, one in five adolescents ages 12 to 19 were overweight in the United States in 2018-2019, a rise of almost […]

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Top 10 Healthy Eating Tips for Children with Tips, Part II

By KarateBuilt Grand Rapids in Grand Rapids, MI Practical Healthy Eating Tips for Children, continued 6. Avoid sugar-laden breakfast cereals, breakfast bars, and granola bars: Many cereals, breakfast bars, and granola bars that appeal to kids are high in sugar and have ingredients almost like a candy bar. Choose unsweetened, low-fat, whole grain, fiber-rich versions […]

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