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STOP IT! A Humorous Look at Communication with Yourself!

STOP IT! – How to Change Your Communication with Yourself. 


This weekend while at dinner with friends they brought a Bob Newhart skit called STOP IT! to our attention on how to change the way you communicate to yourself.


Now this semester at our Black Belt Leadership Academy our Life Skill is COMMUNICATION!


In our Black Belt Leadership Training class we teach our students and parents (since many of our parents listen to our lessons during the Black Belt Leadership class to apply at home) how to talk to themselves to change a behavior and we thought you would enjoy this humorous way to communicate with yourself into changing the way you think and act!


Click on the you tube link below to watch Bob Newhart playing Dr. Switcher simply explain how to change the way you communicate with yourself.

If you want your family to have Awesome Communication Skills to have more Success in Life just fill out the form below to get 2 weeks Free or Call Us at 616-899-4006 Today!

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