Mr. and Mrs. Flees and their children are GREAT INSTRUCTORS.

Erin Wiseman-Parkin

We've been taking lessons for quite a while now as a family at KarateBuiltGR. 2 adults, and 2 kids. Both kids have special needs. One has CP and uses hearing aids. There are also other special needs kids that attend, and everyone receives exactly the challenge they need for their ability. Is this place only for families? Absolutely not! They accommodate everyone from classes for a single child, for a single adult, for couples, and even for full families! Mr. and Mrs. Flees and their children are GREAT INSTRUCTORS. It is magical to see Mrs. Flees transition to the children's Tiger class and funny voices and her sincere connections with the itty bitty kids to the adult black belt and leadership classes where she brings it 100%. Our 4 and 6 yr old always feel challenged, as do my Hubby and myself!!!!!! The Flees' children are also wonderfully talented instructors who have also worked very hard for their black belts and work hard in class daily in teaching, and in their own classes where they continue to hone their skills. Mr. Flees has a great way of connecting to students and families with being funny and wise all at the same time. They whole family has a spirit and energy that is necessary for learning and training. Is this cheap? Nope. It is a SOLID INVESTMENT in your future & your children's future. I am LOVING seeing the growth for my children, but also for my Hubby and myself as we practice and work hard towards earning black belts as a FAMILY !!! My children's attitudes have changed, as have mine. We have started saying, "Yes, Sir" and "Yes, Ma'am" all the time, and the respect we all show for one another has increased, too. If you are looking for a place that has instructors and family that sincerely CARE, this is a great place to be.